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Hi there! This is Ning. I have previous career experiences as a Chinese Literature intern teacher at a high school for native speaker in Taipei. Regarding Mandarin teaching, I served as a one-on-one instructor, a teaching assistant in a summer camp, and a teacher for kids in group lessons. Craving to explore this world, I aspire to exchange our stories in lessons. Through sharing with each other and giving bi-directional feedback, students not only practice listening and oral speaking skills but also find the happiness in mutual understanding of thoughts and feelings, gradually developing the ability and confidence to communicate in real-life situations! 👌Familiar with Traditional/Simplified Chinese, and BoPoMoFo/Pinyin. 👌Majored in literature and pedagogy, familiar with grammar, culture, and literature classic works. 👌Standard pronunciation, zero-start or novice learner-friendly, pronunciation correction tutoring. 👌Based on daily life language, emphasize "dialogue", and provide supplements about current affairs articles, movies, and classic selections. 👌Familiar with various teaching methods, interactive websites, and related applications. 👌2024 Finalist in Fulbright FLTA(Foreign Language Teaching Assistant) Program ------------------------------------ 您好!我曾於高中擔任國文實習老師,也曾擔任一對一華語講師、遊學團輔導助教、以及兒童小班線上華語教師,熟悉華語零起點與初中級的語言與文化課程。 恆有一股遠遊的渴望,我期待能在課堂中與學生交換不同的故事,希望學生能在分享的同時,不僅加強了傾聽與訴說的能力,更是在雙向的回饋裡,找到想法與感受被理解的快樂,逐步培養在真實語境裡對話的能力與信心。 👌熟悉正體、簡體、注音與漢語拼音 👌主修文學與教育,熟悉語法、文化與文學經典 👌正統發音,零起點學習者友善,糾音輔導 👌強調於日常生活取材,重視「對話」,佐以新聞時事、電影、經典選文補充 👌熟悉各類教學法與互動網頁、軟體,重視多元互動的授課模式 👌Fulbright傅爾布萊特計畫 FLTA(Foreign Language Teaching Assistant) 中文組2024年度正取生


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