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Hello, I'm JIM, an enthusiastic teacher with experience in teaching Chinese. Throughout my teaching journey, I've taught students from diverse countries, helping them enhance their understanding of the Chinese language and deepening their appreciation for different cultures. Here are some things that I want to tell you: ⭐️ I adapt my teaching methods according to students' characteristics, needs, and preferences. ⭐️ I employ lively, dynamic, interesting teaching methods with patience. ⭐️ I enjoy using various teaching tools such as text, images, examples, scenarios, body gestures, activities, games, and online resources to teach Chinese. ⭐️ I like to create a relaxing and comfortable learning atmosphere. ⭐️ I will help you : 👂 Listening: Understanding everyday Chinese phrases and conversations. 👲 Speaking: Speaking complete Chinese sentences with clear pronunciation. 📚 Reading: Reading Chinese articles in your daily life such as menus, news, official websites, etc. 🖋️ Writing: Writing Chinese text in your daily life such as taking sick/personal leave, expressing feelings/opinions, writing a simple self-introduction, etc. I'm looking forward to meeting you in my class!


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